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All the tools you need to get your church media and marketing done

Our all-in-one toolset will make you a church marketing hero.

Do you realize the importance of media and marketing for your church, but feel overwhelmed or intimidated by it?

Do you struggle to find the time and focus to tackle your church media and marketing challenges?

Imagine your church not only being relevant and cutting edge with its media and marketing, but also reaching new people in your community.


Think of your church becoming known for its compassion and heart for people rather than lesser things.

And consider all of this being done without costing you more time and frustration, but less.

Would this interest you?

Over 350 pastors and ministry leaders just like you have unleashed the power of Church Hero with exceptional results.

With straightforward tools and the support of our ministry-minded team, they’ve emerged as church media and marketing heroes.

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All The Tools You Need To Be A Hero

With Church Hero, you'll be able to:


Get it Together

Bring segmented church media and marketing tools together in one place.


Develop a Plan

Create an action plan to get results and stop feeling overwhelmed.


Start Winning

Gain the skills and tools you need to manage church media effectively.

So What Is ChurchHero?

It’s an all-in-one collection of online apps for getting church media and marketing done. Current apps include: Studio, Splash, Sermon, and Screen.

Studio Church Graphics

Studio is a collection of exceptional Photoshop templates organized in beautiful theme sets including banners, mailers, invite cards social media graphics, presentation screens, and more. Whether it’s a special event or just a routine graphic, Studio is your “go-to” place for quality church graphics. Church Heroes get open access to all of them!

Splash One Page Websites

Start with our pre-built layouts, and customize the content for your church. Whether you’re looking to simplify your church website, or build an event page to supplement your existing website, Splash can help you get the job done. Church Hero members have full access to all Splash features, and can build as many websites as they need.

Sermon Media Library

Sermon is the ultimate database for your church sermons! Arrange your sermon audio, video, and notes by series, topic, and speaker. Then, you can build a beautiful homepage where for your church and community to listen and watch, or download your sermon content.

Sermon easily generates an RSS feed for podcasting with iTunes or similar providers.

Screen Worship Presentation

Screen is the perfect tool for your live worship service presentations. With Screen you can easily build a library of sermon screens and songs and simply drag and drop to build a service queue.

Use motion background loops, still screens, and text overlays to create fast cloud-based presentations that are accessible from any computer with internet access. This is a fantastic addition to your live service!

Still on the fence with ChurchHero?

Maybe you’re thinking….

1. It’s too expensive.

Anything of value requires an investment. We believe that there is no better return on investment than the investments you make in people. That’s exactly what Church Hero is. It’s an investment in the tools necessary to reach people in today’s society. You can’t afford not to!

2. I don’t like change.

We get it. Change is uncomfortable. But the alternative is painfully bleak. The good news is that with Church Hero, there’s no pressure to change anything immediately. You can take small bites. You can do this!

3. I’m afraid we won’t use it.

While there’s no way you can know every detail of every app before making your decision, we can tell you this – the diversity of the Church Hero app lineup makes it relevant and useful for virtually any church.

4. I’m not sure what we’re getting.

Church Hero is a collection of cloud-based computer programs that are designed to help you efficiently and effectively market your church in your community.

5. I’m not sure it’s a good fit.

We think you’ll love Church Hero. But if you don’t, that’s ok. You can cancel any time during your free trial and not be charged a dime. Even after your trial, you can cancel at any time – there are no long term commitments. If it’s just not for you, no hard feelings and no money lost!


Get Church Media & Marketing Done

Church Hero exists to make you a consistent effective church marketer in your community. Decide to fix the struggle right now with a no-risk trial. Find what so many other churches across the map are discovering … your inner Church Hero!