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Whether you’re looking to simplify your church website, or build an event page to supplement your existing website, Splash can help you get the job done. This drag and drop page builder is both sleek and powerful!

Splash Web Pages

Splash is a beautiful balance of features and simplicity. Start with one of our templates and create something unique for your church, ministry, or special event! Check out this video for a closer look.

Splash is simple yet powerful.

Splash is your go-to tool for getting one-page sites up on the web fast. From the basic drag and drop editor to the simple form builder, Splash keeps things simple but provides just enough flexibility to allow you to make each web page your own.

Drag and drop editor

Easy drag and drop to change, customize and add anything you need without understanding code.

Design for devices

Church Hero Splash gives you the tools you need to ensure that your page looks great on all screen sizes.

Church templates

Use one of our awesome templates as a starting place, then modify as much or as little as you wish!


Site preview gives you the opportunity to review your work in the web browser before going live.

Image library

Whether you want to use our photos or upload your own, Splash allows you to build an image library for use in all your projects.

Form creator

Collecting online registrations, volunteer sign-ups, prayer requests, and other information becomes easy with the built in form creator.

Examples of Splash Pages

Here are a few Splash pages that have been built by other Church Heroes. Splash is simply the most efficient and cost effective way to assimilate information on the web about your church event, special group or ministry.

Splash Highlights

Splash solves a number of challenges experienced by the local church. Wherever you need a fast, unique, cost effective web page for your ministry, Church Hero Splash has the flexibility to get it done. You’ll love it!

One-page websites in a snap

One of the biggest advantages to using Splash for your landing pages is the speed in which so much can be accomplished. Basic template-based sites can be live in just a matter of minutes!

One-click publishing

After you’ve built out your content, your creation can be put live to the web with just a click of the “publish” button. No need to put in a request to a tech team or wait on someone else. Splash puts you in control!

New contacts management

When a website visitor lands on your Splash page and submits their information through a form, their contact information is conveniently stored in your Splash dashboard.

You can then use this list as a basis for email communication later on.

Seamless Integrations

At its core, Splash is a simple app. However, it has a lot of power under the hood and allows Church Heroes to go deeper into more advanced functions if necessary.

Splash integrates with a number of third-party communication applications for email campaigns, automations, and more.

Traffic monitoring made easy

You don’t have to launch a Church Hero Splash page and just hope for the best. Splash gives you real-time web traffic analytics for each page right in the dashboard. This allows you to see how many site visitors you’ve had and how many of those visitors have responded to your call to action.

This data is incredibly useful in measuring the effectiveness of your page and determining what adjustments and improvements could be made.

Common Questions About Splash

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about Church Hero Splash. Do you have a question that is not answered on this page? Send us an email at or click the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner below. We’re here for you!

Sure you can. Understand, however, that at it’s core Splash is a one-page website builder. As such, some of the traditional website features will be missing such as multi-tiered menus and multimedia elements. As long as those limitations are recognized, Splash can be a fantastic solution for a basic one-page website that engages new visitors in your community.

There is no limit to the number of Splash pages you can build on your account. Use whatever you need!

Yes, you can. You can register a top level domain for use with your page (such as “”) or you can connect your page to a subdomain such as

Yes they are. In fact, you have full control over the desktop, tablet and smartphone viewports. You can arrange elements to appear differently for different screen sizes.


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