5 Church Easter Ideas to Make This Year Unforgettable

Easter is epic.

It’s the cornerstone of the Christian faith.

It is the ultimate comeback story, and our eternity rests on it.

Second only to Christmas, it is my favorite holiday, hands down.

It can be quite predictable in our churches though, can’t it?

We’re going to choose a handful of songs from the “Resurrection collection”, the kids are going to show up in their cute pastel outfits, the pastor’s going to preach on the empty tomb, and we’re going to try to make it home before the ham turns to pork jerky.

Now, that’s great, I’m not knocking it. It’s all part of the celebration tradition!

Most churches I’m familiar with are excited about Easter and are doing what they can to make the most of it for the sake of the gospel.

But, what if you could do one thing for Easter 2017 that would make it unforgettable?

Would you do it?

Here are a few church Easter ideas I’ve seen others implement that can put some extra punch in your celebration. These can easily turn your epic Easter into an unforgettable event!

Some take a lot of planning, and others are simple and easy to add on to what you’re already doing.

So, enough rambling.

Here are 5 church Easter ideas to make 2017 unforgettable:

1. Preach Sunday morning in an Easter bunny costume.

Nothing says “unforgettable” like a pastor in an Easter bunny outfit.

Bonus points if the costume is pink.

epic church easter ideas


If you pull this off, it’s sure to make Easter 2017 an event your church will never forget.

Ok, relax, I’m just kidding.

It doesn’t have to be pink. 😉

Really, I am kidding. But, if you do this and send in a photo, I will send you a Starbucks gift card.

2. Install an Easter photo wall at your church.

church easter ideas photo wall

Extend the life of your Easter morning gathering by setting up a photo op area in a commons area of your church.

Encourage your members and guests to post their photos to social media with a unique hashtag.

This is a simple but fun way to expose the friends and family of your attendees to your church!

As you consider this, here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure printed backdrops are a matte finish to avoid glare.
  2. Install the photo wall in a well-lighted area, ideally near a natural light source.
  3. Make the wall big enough to accommodate bigger groups.
  4. Don’t put a date on it. That way you can use it again!
  5. Suggest a unique hashtag be posted along with photos on social media. Read more about this here.

Check out this 10′ x 8′ backdrop from Sign4x – This nice printed fabric wall can be purchased for under $200, and includes a stand and carrying case.

BONUS! Click here to download a 10′ x 8′ “step and repeat” Photoshop template I created. Just drop in your logo, and the template will take care of the rest. Instructions are included!

3. Set up a church-wide photo scavenger hunt.

In days gone by, a scavenger hunt was pretty straightforward and fairly limited by technology.

Remember the good old “Polaroid” photo scavenger hunts from the 80s and 90s?

How about the VHS or Mini DV scavenger hunts from the early 2000s?

The internet and social media have opened a whole new array of possibilities.

Here’s a simple but fun idea: Host a “family” photo scavenger hunt, with a few prizes.

Here’s how it would work:

First, choose 3 or 4 “settings” that you want every family to capture photos of. For example:

  • in front of your favorite restaurant
  • eating your favorite easter candy
  • pointing to the smartest member of your family
  • searching for the easter bunny
  • realizing that you forgot about the ham in the oven
  • etc.

Then, instruct your church to capture the requested photos, and post them in your private church Facebook group.

At a designated time, close photo submissions, and open up “voting” in the FB group for the best photo in several categories such as:

  • most creative pose
  • cutest baby
  • funniest pose
  • etc

Here are a few tips as you think this through:

  1. Be flexible with the “family” designation. Not everyone has a traditional family. Allow ‘singles’ to group up and participate as well.
  2. Give a prize to every group who participates.
  3. Give a prize to the first group that submits all required photos.
  4. Require that every group member in the group be in each photo. (they’ll need a stranger to take the photo)
  5. Keep it short, only 3 or 4 photos. If it takes all afternoon, people won’t participate.
  6. Share “the best of” photos on your projector screen during the following service and reward the prizes. People love to laugh!

4. Set up an Easter signature wall.

This is one of the church Easter ideas from The Creative Pastor website. It could be easily implemented into a memorable Easter feature.

church easter ideas signature wall

Have a big signature banner printed and mount it on your church wall in an open area. The banner could say something like “What Easter Means to Me.”

Provide a number of magic markers to go with it, and instruct attendees to take a moment and write down what Easter means to them along with their signature.

All ages can be involved in this project, and it’s an inexpensive but impactful way to encourage your church to think about the meaning of Easter!

Leave the banner up for a couple of weeks – your church will love to read and reflect on each other’s writings!

Coming up short on the creative end?

Click here to download a ready-made 5 x 8 signature banner that you can get printed for your church! If you want to change up the phrase, the editable layered Photoshop file is included.

church easter ideas signature wall

5. Drop things out of the sky.

I have heard of several churches that have done a “helicopter egg drop” or similar aerial distribution of Easter goodies.

Talk about an impact!

This would obviously require a good deal of planning and promotion, but can create a lot of momentum leading up to Easter Sunday.

Here’s a highlight video from a small church that pulled off a “hot air balloon egg drop” in their community, reaching over 3,000 people during the event!

Epic Easter 2015

See THOUSANDS of BLUE Easter eggs fall from the San Jose sky this coming Saturday, March 26th at 10:30AM at Oak Grove High School Football Field! Registration is FREE!!! Southridge Baptist Church is proudly partnering with Pacific Autism Center For Education this year and we're opening this event to children with special needs from ages 0-22.Children ages 0-10 are welcome to participate! To control the crowds and provide a safe and fun experience for every child, only those who REGISTER ONLINE will be permitted to attend. Register now: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/southridge-epic-blue-easter-egg-drop-registration-tickets-22590049446?aff=ehomecard #blueEaster #EasterEggHunt #SanJose #theaterChurch #autism #charity #easter

Posted by Southridge Church on Saturday, March 19, 2016

If you don’t have the time or resources available to secure a flying platform from which to disperse the goods, consider tossing them from your church rooftop or similar elevated place.

Something about “making it rain” from up above just adds a special touch. 🙂


What have you done at your church to make Easter unforgettable?

I’d love to hear your ideas as well.

May God bless your Easter celebration this year as you lift Jesus high!

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