Get $1,540 of church communication resources for $59

**Hurry! Bundle is Gone Midnight Nov. 26 **


🙌 Hey Church Communicators and Media Teams!

We’ve created the perfect Cyber Monday Bundle for you! It’s packed with high-quality resources that are going to make your life easier and genuinely equip your church at the same time. We’ve curated resources some of the best church companies around you’ll get worship backgrounds, sermon series, social media, practical training and so much more! [Keep scrolling down and you can see EVERYTHING]

Next, unlike typical bundles where you’re left having to download HUGE zip files that clog up your hard drive and are almost impossible to find later. We have created something special and unique…

We’ve neatly organized all of the resources in a simple, downloadable PDF. This digital catalog that will allow you to easily find and download the media when you actually need it! We believe this bundle is something you can use all the way into 2019!

This is honestly a once in a lifetime deal at a truly unbeatable price.
Don’t let it slip by — get the Cyber Monday Mega Bundle NOW!

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Sermon &
Worship Videos

In this Bundle you'll get the following resources:
2 Mini Movies | 2 Service Packs
2 Series in a Box | 2 Song Videos
Valued at $237

Sermon Series
Graphic Bundle

Get 10 Sermon Series
in JPEG and PSD Formats.
Valued at $120

Sermon Series Package

Get Editable Photoshop/After Effects files for the Book of James Sermon Series. And 2 Video countdowns.
Valued at $167

Christmas Video Loop & Social Media

Get 30 Christmas and 60 anytime Social Media Graphics in both JPEG and PSD formats. Also a Christmas Video Pack with 9 video loops and titles all in 4k.
Valued at $120

One-Year Membership

Get access to 3,000+ print-ready templates all easily edited in the browser.
Valued at $197

Lifetime Membership to

Get access to 4,000+ Christian photos.
Valued at $197

CMU Facebook Ads training

Discover valuable tactics on how to use Facebooks Ads to grow your church.
Valued at $197

60 Day Unlimited Access to SundayU

Get 60 Days of Access 300+ training videos & certification courses and 100 downloadable resources and ebooks.
Valued at $197

Why purchase the bundle?

Convenient Download Catalog

Unlike typical bundles where you’re left having to download HUGE zip files that clog up your hard drive. We’ve neatly organized all of the resources in a simple PDF. A digital catalog that will allow you to easily find and download the media when you actually need it.

Limited Time Offer

It’s only here for a few days and then it’s gone. We are only running this deal from Black Friday to Cyber Monday (November 23-26) And once the bundle is gone it’s gone FOREVER – we are not bringing it back.

✅ Cyber Monday – $59
**Ends at midnight Cyber Monday**

Massive Value, Low Price

The truth is anyone one of these mini-bundles on their own would cost north of a few hundred dollars the total value of the bundle is $1,540. And the fact that you are getting nine for one crazy low price – is pretty incredible. So, don’t let this offer slip by treat yourself and get this bundle today!

So, what's in the bundle?

Sermon Series and Countdowns

The Book of James
Create a series on ANY book of the bible with this Sermon Series Package. Customizable graphics, video, social and screen media included. A step-by-step tutorial walks you through every step.

Motion loops of Edison bulbs creating a sacred atmosphere for any worship moment. A 5min & 15min countdown are included.

Sermon Series (JPEG and PSD)

Video & Sermon Media

Twelve:Thirty Media helps train church leaders, Worship Leaders, production teams and volunteers how to create dynamic, engaging Worship Experiences.

In this bundle they are giving away eight video resources.


Series in a box

Mini Movies

Service Packs

Kids Worship Songs

Social Media & Video Loops Bundle

Social Fuel is a leader in providing churches the tools they need to engage the congregation and community with social media.

Christmas / Winter Video Loops (4k Resolution)

30 Days of Christmas Social Post (JPEG and PSD)

50 Social Media Graphics (JPEG and PSD)

Lifetime Membership

Looking for thousands of beautiful Christian Photos? Don’t get caught monthly memberships fees. When you purchase the “Cyber Monday MEGA Bundle” you will get a lifetime membership to and with it the ability to download hi-rez photos!

4,000+ Hi-Resolution Christian Photos

**Plus Thousands More**

Sermon Series Graphics

Church Media Squad is excited to help your church take the next steps of improving your church media and communications. 

Sermon Series (JPEG and PSD)

Get one-year of access to 3,000+ Design Templates That easily be updated using our online designer.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer or have a huge budget to get the best designs available for your church. All you need is ProChurch Studio. You’ll find fully themed, flexible design sets for every occasion. Fast, simple, easy.

Facebook Ads: Learn How To Reach More People

Are you ready to go to the next level in reaching people on social media? Facebook ads can be a very powerful tool in connecting with people in your community. But you need to know how to use these tools effectively so you are not wasting money.


Built for everyone behind the scenes that make Sundays happen, including creative, communications, marketing, production, and ministry teams. 

Common Questions

You will receive a downloadable PDF, a digital catalog that includes clickable buttons. All of the resources can be downloaded from the Digital Catalog.

Nope! As long as they are used for specifically your church (please no sharing with other churches) you can use these resources in whatever way you like! 

No worries! We have a 60-Day no-hassle, money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with what is in the bundle you can get a full refund on your purchase. No questions asked. Our sincere desire is that this would be a huge help to the churches who purchase it.

Take A Full 60 Days To Put The Bundle To The Test With Our Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

If the Mega Bundle does blow you away with the amazing amount of resources you are getting… if it doesn’t make your life easier giving you fantastic resources to use on Sunday… or if it fails to help you save time as you are creating your communication and media, then you will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!

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