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Plan Your Visit is the ONLY app proven to help turn website visitors into actual church visitors. We want to help give you a steady stream of first-time visitors... and all you need to do is install a simple piece of code to get going! It takes only minutes!

Plan Your Visit will help you...

  • Turn website visitors into church visitors
  • Send email and text followup reminders to visitors
  • Allow visitors to plan a visit from any page of your website
  • Grow your church prospect list

Plan Your Visit is Trusted by 550+ Churches

Packed with Features!

We are experts at helping churches get visitors to their church from their website... and all the features below are what you need to get a steady stream of visitors from your church website.

Easy Sign Up Form

Low key minimalist approach for enhanced conversion

Email Notifications

Customizable email followup with automated schedule

Custom Colors and Backgrounds

Add your own colors and photos to match your websites look and feel

Member Stories

Incredible social proof built with stories from real people

Analytic and Metrics

Results monitoring with stage-based visualizations

Enriched Email Contact

Get more info about your contacts including social media accounts

Pop Up Widget

Efficient and customizable site popup widget

Exit Intent

Popup can fire when visitor moves cursor to close browser

Mobile Friendly

Your mobile website visitors will have a great experience

Plan Your Visit will connect to your favorite website builder....

After switching to the Plan Your Visit App on our website we got 110% boost in visitor sign ups!

Allen Taylor | fresnochurch.com

We typically would get 10 or 11 people planning a visit on our site per month. After switching to the Plan Your Visit app on our website, we got 110% boost in sign ups! 24 signups in just 30 days. The best part is that from these visitors we now have four families who are regular attenders at our church.

Plan Your Visits in 30 Days

Why Use Our Plan Your Visit App?

2x The Visitors

Churches that are using our Plan Your Visit App are on average doubling the amount of website visitors they are getting to their church.

Simple, Easy and Fast Setup

No techy-person is required to setup Plan Your Visit. We have an easy to follow step-by-step process for getting our app working on your website in minutes!

The World's Best Free Plan, Ever!

80% of the churches using Plan Your Visit are paying absolutely nothing for it. See we are passionate about helping people visit churches for the first time so we created the most featured filled Free plan possible! We think it's amazing and 100s of churches do too!

I already have a form on my website why should I switch?

We get it you already have a plan a visit form and it might feel like a hassle to switch. But after working with 100s of churches and helping thousands of people plan their first visit we know it takes a lot more then just a form to turn website visitors into church visitors. So, we have a quick quiz for you to take below that will let you know if you need to switch or not.

Can a visitor plan a visit from any page of your website?

Yes or No

On average, a visitor will look at about 2.5 pages of your website.

Plan Your Visit has a simple reviews widget that automatically pop-ups on every page of your website allowing someone to plan a visit from anywhere on your site.


Does your plan a visit form show just one question at a time?

Yes or No

"One question at a time" forms have a completion rate of 57% vs. while typical forms convert at around 20%

Plan Your Visit only shows one question at a time helping the visitor to not be overwhelmed by the form.

https://www.typeform.comhelp/ whats-the-average-completion-rate-of-a-typeform/

Do you follow up with people after they sign up but before they actually visit your church?

Yes or No

In our internal study of 2,000 "plan your visits" scheduled we found that people are 20% more likely to attend a Sunday Service if they receive a followup reminder via text.

If you current system does not use text reminders it's possible that quit a few people who filled out a plan a visit form are not showing up to Sunday gatherings.

Do you use pop-ups and exit intent to capture visitors attention?

Yes or No

In our internal study we found out of 2,000 "plan your visits" scheduled over 700 signed up because of a pop up or exit intent notification.

If you are not using pop up notifications you are possibly not getting 1/3 of potential signups.

Are you leveraging social media reviews to build trust with online visitors?

Yes or No

In a 2013 study, 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

We make it quick and easy to import all 4 and 5 star facebook reviews to your website. To encourage site visitors to plan a visit based off of social reviews.


Do you have a system to consistently improve your current plan your visit form?

Yes or No

We wake up every day testing and tweaking our plan your visit form, always improving it for better results.

Also because we work with 100s of churches we are able to do deeper test on what is an isn't working

There is zero risk to sign up for our Plan Your Visit app. We've made it absolutely FREE. So why not sign up today?

Did you answer "No" to any of the questions above?

If that's the case then you are probably missing out on getting more people to plan visits to your church. Why not take take the next 30 days and test our Plan Your Visit app versus what you are already using to see if you can get better results. There is no risk and you can sign up for a free!

Plan Your Visit is FREE for Everyone!

Our goal in the next 5 years is to help over 1,000,000 people plan their first visit to a church where they can hear the saving message of Jesus Christ. That's why we are unashamedly making Plan Your Visit completely free.

Unlimited Plan Your Visits

People are more likely to attend a service when they have a plan.
$ 0 / Month
  • Easy Plan Your Visit Sign Form
  • Stories and Signup Widget
  • Multiple Campuses / Locations
  • Pop Ups with Exit Intent
  • Metrics and Visitor tracking

Additional Plans


Stop losing visitors. Automatically followup with text and email notifications.

Visitors who attend a 2nd church service are 80% more likely to become regular attenders. Followup is an automatic text and email notification system that from the time a person plans a visit will automatically followup with them. By constantly improving and analyzing our followup process we have the best followup system for churches.


  • 21 Day Automatic Followup Plan
  • Unlimited text and email notifications
  • Enter your own contacts into followup
  • Guest Satisfaction Survey
  • Integrations with Mailchimp, Planning Center etc..

Inner Circle

Get more plan your visits from Facebook Ads

If you want to attract a steady stream of new visitors, get word out to your community, make an incredible first impression, or even if you just want to build leadership and relationship equity with your city, then join the Inner Circle today!


  • Facebook Ad Training
  • Private Facebook Group Help
  • Includes Follow-Up

Frequently Asked Questions!

Why do you use pop-ups? Aren't they really spammy and gimmicky?

Popups! What do you think? Are they annoying? Infuriating? Frustrating? Probably. But do they work? The answer to that, I’m afraid, is an emphatic yes. Case studies have shown 1,000% increases in email subscribers over a month of using popups. https://www.authorityhacker.com/optin-pop-ups/

Is your product really "FREE" or are you trying to scam me?

We've spent $100,000s of dollars building Church Hero and over 80% of our users pay us absolutely nothing to use our system. We will do our dead level best to get you to add "Follow-Up" but we have no intention of charging for the core software.

Does this work for any church?

Yes! We have 100s of churches using Plan Your Visit that range in size, style and location. And are seeing amazing results. The churches that are seeing the highest amount of people signing up are typically already getting a high volume of website traffic.

How long does it take to setup?

Less time then it took to read through this page 🙂 Seriously, you can have this on your website in 3 minutes flat!

Get more first time visitors!

No credit card required. Cancel Anytime. No risk.

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