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Build a powerful, mobile friendly in minutes for FREE

Sermon Library is a web application that lets you to publish your sermons online and share them with everyone. After a simple 3-minute setup process, you will have a personalized, mobile-friendly website that can host and play your sermons online.

No Credit Card Needed | Instant set-up.

Sermon Library is a sermon engine that keeps your sermons organized and looking amazing. Packed with all the features you need to share your sermons online.


only takes 2 minutes to setup

You won't need a tech team to set up Sermon Library! We have a step-by-step walk through that only takes minutes to complete. You'll be up in going in no time!


it's made for anyone to use.

From uploading the sermons to listening to them we've made it incredibly easy for people to enjoy watching or listening to your sermons.


smart features that get the job done.

Even though Sermon Library is packaged with big features, it's a breeze to manage. Our apps works hard at making it easy for people to listen to your messages!


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