The Ultimate Church Camera Guide

By far the question I’m most often asked when it comes to video is: “What camera did you shoot that on?”  I have to tell you up front, I can never give people the answer they really want.  What they actually want to know is: “How can my video look like that?”

What camera should I use?

Even taking into consideration the fact that shooting with the same camera as someone else won’t make your video look the same, I have to admit that the camera I choose does have an impact on the final product.  There’s a reason I don’t use the exact same camera every time I shoot.

But, how do I know what camera to use?  What is the thought process when I pick what camera I’ll use for each production?  Well, I’m going to tell you.

Why not just use the same camera for everything?

Before I tell you what camera to buy, let me provide some explanation.  Another great question that I’m asked all the time is “What camera should I get for my church/ministry?”  The answer isn’t the same for everyone.  Some churches are using the camera to live stream their church service, other churches are using the camera for announcement videos shot on a green screen.  Some are using the camera for promotional videos, or a recap video about a missions trip or other church event.  In each of those scenarios, I’d suggest a different camera.

What if we don’t have $1000 or more to spend on a camera?

Some churches are just able to afford more than other churches.  That always has to be taken into consideration and we’ve certainly taken this into consideration with this guide!

What if we don’t use a camera that often?

This infographic will take you step by step through the things you should consider before you buy a camera.  What will it primarily be used for?  Will it ever be used on a green screen?  What type of budget are you working with?  How often will the camera be used?  We’ve already considered all of this for you, in the end, we make a camera recommendation for your church or ministry!

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